2014 Results & Pictures

Wow! What an awesome, epic day!  All week long we were watching the rain forecasts for Saturday (and Sunday), we didn’t pay much attention to Friday!  Be careful what you pray for?  It didn’t rain at all during the entire event!  But it poured all night long Friday, a veritable deluge from about 8PM to 5AM.  By 5:30 it was done, but the water remained.

I’ll let the pictures (and Cody’s video) tell that story, for me the real story was the cheerful, happy, ecstatic, fun-loving, adventurous spirit of the runners and volunteers.  It turned a near-disaster into a joyful day full of laughter.  Thank you all so much.

Congratulations to Jeremy and Stephanie who not only won the men’s and women’s divisions but were probably the two happiest, most cheerful, runners on the course (and they had plenty of competition!).  And second place Chuck was the runner who just wouldn’t quit.  In this race, runners rarely time out, they just decide not to go back OUT THERE.  But Chuck kept going back out, no matter how close he was to the cut-off.  His last lap he came in 50 minutes late, teeth chattering and body shaking with hypothermia… and still smiling!

I loved hearing the stories of PR’s for distance, ranging from 6 miles to 66.

Noel Sweet (EMT extraordinaire) and Cody and Angela and Rebecca were out there all weekend making it happen for you all, as was Lorelei, when she wasn’t getting her own two laps in.  Ted and Sarah got up in the dark to help out Saturday morning.  Other spectators, family, friends and even runners chipped in with all kinds of unsolicited assistance.

Next year’s race will be on a faster, even more scenic, better draining course (with room for more parking- which we will certainly need, our numbers were up 40% from last year, even with the bad weather).  Probably March 21, 2015.

Please email me any pictures or videos you have so I can share them (runalong – at – mac – dot – com)

Cody’s Video Summary 2014!

Jeremy’s Race Report

Jeff Quinn’s Race Report

Ingrid’s Pictures

Results are at the bottom of the page.

Miscellaneous Pictures from FB…

999823_560755317355837_588332167_n 1002653_612323275512637_408595850_n 1454633_10152270893804857_46486962_n 1779111_10202422104771276_1669358679_n 1888598_560755460689156_416090708_n 1979882_10202636431585423_734070726_n 10001489_735206783166809_1235471893_n 10003421_648505361910650_795720828_n 10004002_560755484022487_516372684_n-1 10154034_612316562179975_1727279946_n 10155947_560755350689167_674835739_n 10168193_560755424022493_586020221_n 10171212_10203416237344243_667510618_n 10171688_10202567440180386_1867328355_n 10171910_612317565513208_360644510_n


Suzanne’s Amazing Pictures…

397550_10101327499257641_472796474_n 1184962_10101327498988181_1718669388_n 1661185_10101327499502151_462273160_n 1800182_10101327498793571_1477126937_n 1897658_10101327499287581_2063568791_n 1970945_10101327499492171_477432674_n 1981929_10101327499512131_200162005_n 1982261_10101327499601951_346797022_n 10153296_10101327499028101_424504243_n 10154216_10101327498913331_1048284906_n 10155871_10101327498948261_1792851502_n 10157120_10101327498798561_802589848_n 10157182_10101327499307541_1989453511_n 10172781_10101327499097961_1921119485_n 10173633_10101327498683791_1233776808_n

Ted’s Pictures…

DSC02626 DSC02627 DSC02633 DSC02634 DSC02647 DSC02656 DSC02658 DSC02663 DSC02672 DSC02673 DSC02674 DSC02677 DSC02679 DSC02686 DSC02689 DSC02690 DSC02691 DSC02692 DSC02693 DSC02695 DSC02697 DSC02700 DSC02701

DSC02708 DSC02712 DSC02716 DSC02720 DSC02721 DSC02726 DSC02729 DSC02732 DSC02734 DSC02736 DSC02740 DSC02741 DSC02742


DSC02744 DSC02746 DSC02747 DSC02748 DSC02749 DSC02751 DSC02752 DSC02753


I’m no good with spreadsheets so please bear with the weird formatting! Let me know if you see any errors or were inadvertently omitted.

One asterisk means first place, ** = 2nd, *** = 3rd.  (Separate categories for male and female).  We only awarded first place in the 36M division due to the low number of entrants.

36 Mile:



18 Mile Division (Robert & Holly signed up on race day but I don’t have results for them)



Unlimited SuperStars Division:


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