Results (2013)!

(Please let me know if there are any omissions or errors.  Special congratulations to the many runners who set distance PR’s , ranging from 12 to 84 miles!)

Unlimited Division:

Aaron Sorensen: 90
Tim Larsen: 84
Kent Dozier: 72
Tim Maclean: 60
Matthew Burrell: 54
Adam Zufall: 54
Micah Nash: 48.5
Jeff Hall: 38.5
Bic Aki: 37.5
Daniel Norris: 36
Bristol Nash: 30
Cody Markhart: 30
Glen Vomacka: 24.5
Scott Bowden: 18
Lorelei Macomber: 12
Ashly Miller: 12

36 Mile Division:

Josh Ritter: 36 (last lap 57:30)
Randee Moutard: 36 (last lap time unknown but less than 71)
Tanya Trump: 36 (last lap 71:00)
Angela Brock: 36 (last lap 78:30)
Sandra Barnard: 30
Sue Reeser: 30
Alma Zechman: 30
Heather Saiki: 24
Matt Mosely: 24
Jamie Spielmann: 24
Wayne Farrar: 18
Mark Vegh: 18
Jeanette Fisher: 18

18 Mile Division:

Terry Grafe: 18 (last lap: 52:52)
Diane Nelson: 18 (last lap: 63:15)
Kelly Barber: 18 (last lap: 64:49)
Brian Vegh: 18
Karen Ahern: 12
Gretchen Helfenstein: 12
Brandi Hudec: 12
Jamie Littau: 12
Mike Littau: 12
Jessie Stratton: 12
Susan Williams: 12
Jayme Bays: 12
Tim Haley: 6
Niki Hughes: 6
Laurel Kalnins: 6
Robin Nickel: 6
Dawn Stec: 6
Ted Stec: 6
Gail Vogelsong: 6

Did not finish first lap in under 90 minutes:
Mike Barber, Wendy Doerning, Amber Forke, Mont Forke, Rachel Forke, Elizabeth Raudman, Karen Swenson-Perry, Ron Lakis


The 4MPH Challenge: Where to start? About 60 runners showed up and about 90% went home having experienced a great day on the trails in absolutely perfect weather. I’m not sure how many, but possibly up to half of those runners set PR’s for longest run ever.

The real drama began after dark, when we were down to our last 6 or 7 runners and the perfect weather gave way to rain. Light and pleasant at first, picking up to moderate rain after Matthew Burrell and Adam Zufall dropped at 10PM and we were down to the final four.

By 1AM, Tim Maclean and Kent Dozier were done and the rains really picked up for the final head-to-head competition between Tim Larsen and Aaron Sorensen. Each knew they had to do one more six mile lap than the other (in under 90 minutes) to win. Meanwhile, the trails were turning into streams of water and mud.

Tim kept clocking 70-72 minutes per lap until he made a wrong turn in the poor visibility of heavy rain. He finished and went out again but by the time he finished lap 14 (84 miles) just before 4AM, he decided that a) he already had a PR distance by 20 miles and (b) Aaron wasn’t going to quit anytime soon.

Aaron smoked his last lap in worsening conditions, finishing in 75 minutes and claiming an extremely impressive victory at 90 miles.

In spite of the pouring rain, it was so much fun watching the battle at the end, reminding me of some of my ultras in similar conditions.

And such a pleasure to see so many smiles and hear of so many PR’s during the day.

Special thanks to Totally Awesome volunteers Noel Carol Sweet and her son, Jeanie and Rebecca Swanson, Ronny N Lorelei Macomber, Ted Goldsmith (graveyard shift), all the folks at Whiskeytown Park and many others (special mention: Tawnya Dozier) who chipped in to make this a great event.

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  1. Race Report

    My first time I have ever finished 1st place in a sporting event ever!
    Thank you Mark Swanson and the crew for putting on an amazing event. Maintaining 4mph was tough but for some reason, that day it just got easier with each passing lap. I hit a huge wall after coming in from mile 60. I wasn’t able to get my heart rate down and wasn’t able to eat. After sitting for 10 minutes my body was all of a sudden cold and I just did not feel like going on.

    My wife never gave up on me and told me to get my butt out there and just slow down and I’ll get through it. I never would have made it past that lap without her. From then on, I slowed down down enough that I had less than 9 minutes between each lap (except the last 2 laps).
    I also got colder after that lap and each lap after just seemed to become redundant and get easier.
    At night, it seemed we went from 7 to 4 all too quickly. It was completely understanding at that point you just wanted the pace to slow slow down and be able to walk to let your body settle down or at least be able to have enough time to be able to get down a real meal.

    I am not a fast runner and it was so much fun the entire day with everyone just being chilled out just maintaining the necessary pace.
    Thank you Kent Dozier for keeping us going and huge thank you to Tim Larson.
    He PR’d his longest distance ever by 22 miles through lap after lap of pouring rain.
    On miles 78 – 84 the skies really started opening up and everything not only became soaked, but started chafing. This was Tims last lap. He missed a turn a ran almost an extra mile on the lap before and I kew he was beat. Just lining up for that last lap took guts. I know Tim knew that I only had about 8 minutes between each lap so right from the start I took the lead and wanted Tim to think that the pace I was keeping was my normal pace.
    Just before the first mile I was a few hundred yards in front I could hear him let out this big sigh. I knew he was done and it seemed as if right there, he stopped keeping a 4mph pace. That gave me a huge boost and right there I put the throttle down. For some reason, that day, I still had so much left in me a could have gone for several more laps. It helped to have zero problems with my legs or feet and with the cooler temps it all just seemed so easy.
    I didn’t see Tim’s headlamp for the longest time and thought, this just may be my last lap. It was so wet that lap and over half the corse had become a 4-6″ deep stream or puddles running down the trail. it was wet wet wet.
    Then on the long switchbacks during the last 2 miles, there was his light only about 4 minutes behind me and it was obvious that he was going to make the time cutoff.

    Back in camp Tim said the words I so wanted to hear, (he was done) which still meant one more lap for me.
    At the start my headlamp was fading to the point that I could barely see. I picked up another headlamp and fresh batteries while at camp so I changed them out on the out and back. Nothing. Stupid crapy headlamp. On top of that I dropped my watch that I had in the same front pocket in my pack as my headlamp. I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t have time to look for my other headlamp batteries and now I had no way of knowing my time left.
    I had had enough and just went with the dying headlamp and started to head out on a pace that I would have no problems finishing in time.
    I thought it was wet the last lap, this lap was insane. I just didn’t care about trying to stay on the outside of the puddles. At least 4 1/2 miles of the trail was covered in water and I was in it. None of that seed to matter though. Everything was for the last time. I tore through the flat first few miles and even managed to kept a 4mph pace up most of the hills. On top of the water, I was completely soaked and had the lining in my shorts chaffing me raw.
    Knowing that I would make it in plenty of time, I hit what was know a completely wet Buck Hollow with a huge smile knowing that I was home free. With very little light I managed to run most of the last hilly mile and a half and when I came out of the trail to the road, there was Mark in his truck.
    Time to put the hammer down, I ran all the way in completing the last lap in 1:15 which was not only my 2nd fastest lap but would have been my fastest with the 3+ minutes I spent messing with the headlamp.

    Thanks again Tim for keeping it real and making me run that last lap.

    And thank you everyone for coming out and making the 4mph challenge such a great event.

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