Clikapudi Trail Runs

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January 1, 2015 @ 10 AM.

5K, 10K and Half Marathon distances along the shore of Lake Shasta.

First mile on pavement, then single-track to the finish.

Four hour cut-off, walkers are welcome in the 5K and 10K.

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7 thoughts on “Clikapudi Trail Runs

  1. Just got home from the Clickapudi race this morning! Awesome day, awesome race, thanks for putting it on! Thank you for the yummy soup and other post race goodies. How fun to be a part of this first race event. Will try to make this a yearly tradition! Maybe we’ll see you all at the Redding Resolution Run on January 1.

  2. I agree, what a beautiful crisp morning, my first trail run ever. The excitement of it all is running a new trail. I will definitely be at the next one. Thanks for putting on a great event.

  3. Thanks for putting on such a fun race! The trail was beautiful (good choice!) and the Rockin’ Moroccan soup was delicious! Very well done–great job for your first event! And thanks to David frandsen for the beautiful photos!

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  5. Wow! Even with the lake so low, this race rocks! Love the community, love the people putting this on, great all around!

    Had no idea this group was dong races, I will be attending many more, well into the future as long as they can keep going. Thanks so much, see you at the 4mph!

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