You Made It!  Welcome to the STR Family

Let your feet guide you and take you further than ever imagined.  We aren’t meant to do life (or the outdoors) alone.  We currently put on 7 trail races per year (expanding in the very near future) – multiple distances per event encompassing first timers to competitive ultrarunners.

Owner- Ryan Spitz

Mission Statement

STR is dedicated to providing an environment that cultivates personal relationships, growth, increased athletic performance and a sense of purpose with passionate individuals enjoying all that trails have to offer.  

We are committed to providing a safe and rewarding experience out on the trails. The STR Family believes we grow stronger when we work together through group workouts, races and community service.

Values – What to Expect

Whether you are looking for competition or community, we’ve got you covered. Our breathtaking events will leave you smiling, happily exhausted, overflowing with accomplishment and craving more.  

You will be surrounded by volunteers who have your well being and enjoyment top of mind, participants who share your love for the trails and an overall infectious environment that takes you on an adventure that the trails have to offer. You will be able to push your limits and come away as a better and stronger person than you were when you stepped foot on the start line.  

Giving Back and Encouraging One Another

It is our duty to protect the places where we live, play and work.  It is also our duty to respect, encourage, and look out for one another.  STR strives to be a leader in providing events, running related fitness programs, education, trail maintenance/expansion, and community involvement. We provide resources for schools, companies, charities and civic organizations. As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.

“Let us run with endurance the race that God has set out before us”

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