Whiskeytown and Swasey. They breed life, adventure, opportunity, community and beautiful trails that allow you to explore all that the outdoors have to offer and push you beyond what you thought possible. They provide an epic playing field for Shasta Trail Runs to put on challenging trail races for all to enjoy. Then the CARR Fire has happened. The trails and wildlife are burned. Sadness and devastation is front and center. While we still await anxiously for the actually damage and rebuild assessment- the immediate joy and release is left in a standstill. While it has been a hard reality over the past week on what it means for the current STR situation as countless hours and sacrifice have been put into expanding and providing an amazing race experience on these trails- the hope and vision is not shaken. Contrary to the CARR Fire- My fire inside does not die down. It cannot be contained. It spreads endlessly. Hope and dreams flourish. Community and adventure pours out. Shasta Trail Runs and the community around will expand like never before.

So what does this all mean?

Current Races: We have Sac River Trail 55k/Marathon/15k set for Oct 13th. While damage has been done to the back 3rd of the trails I am waiting formal decisions from BLM regarding status and potentially being able to alter the course to finish back at the start line- Shasta Dam. More info to come. Inaugural Two Peaks 50m/50k/30k/10k on Nov 10th. I am awaiting formal decisions from BLM and NPS regarding trail status and will update accordingly as soon as we know. Of my current 7 races on the schedule- Clikapudi remains unharmed and with certainty will be taking place on New Year’s Day. Regarding the other 6 races- time will tell..

What Now: The community needs our help. Whether it be the loss of their home or the loss of their trails. The BLM and NPS need our help as we rebuild the trail system. I am currently working out details to partner with Organizations and Sponsors physically in as well as outside of Redding to provide support and efforts to rebuild. I am creating a new race series where 100% of profits go towards the rebuilding of trails and towards our Shasta Trail Runs extended family who have lost their homes. Whether it be running on the Fire Roads or joining our pavement running community for the time being- a number of races will be put on under my new series “ABOVE THE ASHES” More details to come

Know This: We are all in this together. If you need support, an ear to listen, a shoulder to lean on or someone to get out and get moving with we are here please reach out. It will take a village. Your ideas, blood, sweat, tears and sacrifice to move forward but have full certainty it will be better than we can even imagine. Hug those closest to you, sit in delight for all the memories that Whiskeytown and Swasey have provided and stay hungry for the best has yet to come.

Ryan Spitz
Owner- Shasta Trail Runs

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