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Whiskeytown Waterfalls Races | 10k, 25k, 50k

April 28 @ 9:00 am - 5:30 pm

Race Details:

Visit all FOUR of Whiskeytown‘s major falls (Brandy Creek, Boulder Creek, Whiskeytown and Crystal Creek Falls) in the FOUR FALLS 50K, or THREE (all except Brandy Creek) in the THREE FALLS 25 K, or TWO (Whiskeytown and Crystal Creek) in the new TWO FALLS 10K.


Registration Info and Prices:


  • $18 (until March 31)
  • $29  (until April 26)
  • $35 ( day before race and race day) 


  • $30 (until March 31)
  • $49 (until April 26)
  • $55 ( day before race and race day) 


  • $60 (until March 31)
  • $85 (until April 26)
  • $90 (day before race and race day)


Check in & Bib Pickup Details:
Coming Soon!
Start Times:

 9am start time:
25k and 50k

9:30am start time:

Time Limit Per Distance
  • 10k: 12pm Finish
  • 25k: 5:30pm Finish
  • 50k: 5:30pm Finish
Parking Info Directions:
From Redding follow 299E past Whiskeytown Lake to Crystal Creek Road near the western boundary of Whiskeytown Park and just west of the signed “Tower District” and Camden House. From the west the road will go to the north side just after entering the park.  Drive 4 miles up Crystal Creek Road until the pavement ends and you will be shown where to park.
Post-Race Info:
Coming after the race!

Excited to be Partnering with Elevation Culture! Finisher Medals and details coming soon!

1st Place Male and 1st Place Female at each distance (50k, 25k, 10k) will also receive $50 Gift Certificate from Altra Running!

Shirt Info:

New Logos and Shirt Design currently underway! Thanks to Elevation Culture! Pics coming soon:

May be purchased for $20 when you sign up online or in person ($10 will be DONATED to Friends of Whiskeytown!)

Course Records:
Coming soon!
Course Description:

  • 10k:
    • Starts at Old Boys Camp (100yards above Whiskeytown Falls Trail Head)
    • Head down road for 1 mile
    • Turns in toward Crystal Creek Campground
    • Trail follows Crystal Creek up river for a little over 1 mile to Crystal Creek Falls
    • Turn around and head back on trail following Crystal Creek down river for a little over 1 mile
    • Turning into Crystal Creek Campground
    • Head up road for about 1 mile to Whiskeytown Falls Trail Head (Aid Station)
    • Do an out and back on Whiskeytown Falls Trail Head to reach Whiskeytown Falls
    • Finish at Start Line at Old Boys Camp
  • 25k:
    • Starts at Old Boys Camp (100yards above Whiskeytown Falls Trail Head)
    • Head down road for 1 mile
    • Turns in toward Crystal Creek Campground
    • Trail follows Crystal Creek up river for a little over 1 mile to Crystal Creek Falls
    • Turn around and head back on trail following Crystal Creek down river for a little over 1 mile
    • Turning into Crystal Creek Campground
    • Head up road for about 1 mile to Whiskeytown Falls Trail Head (Aid Station)
    • Take Whiskeytown Falls Trail Head to reach Whiskeytown Falls
    • From Whiskeytown Falls, head back on Whiskeytown Falls Trail Head.
    • Turn right and cross Crystal Creek
    • Then Left to the Crystal Creek Vista Trail
    • Take trail East to Mill Creek Trail
    • Continue to Aid Station at the top of the Boulder Creek Falls Trail
    • Then 1 mile down to Boulder Creek Falls
    • Turn around at Boulder Creek Falls and return back up 1 mile to previous Aid Station
    • As you head up Mill Creek Trail- Turn Right 1.5 miles onto Crystal Creek Vista Trail
    • Then back past the Whiskeytown Falls Turnoff
    • Take to the Finish Line
  • 50k

    Start to Aid Station 1 (Whiskeytown Falls trailhead – Mile 3)

                    Runners start on the road out of the old boy’s camp and begin down the paved road. Don’t worry, you won’t be seeing too much road today! As you descend, keep an eye out for a sharp right about ¾ of a mile into Crystal Creek campground. Take the dirt road down to a sharp left (do not go down to the campgrounds!!!), and rapidly descend down a nice, narrow single track to our first view of falling water of the day, Crystal Creek Falls. After finishing the descent down the boulders, take in the view and go back the way you came. Be careful on the rocks, as there will be traffic both ways and it’s pretty technical, but not for too long. Make your way back up to the road, and just before the boy’s camp you’ll find the aid station at the Whiskeytown Falls trailhead.


    Aid Station 1 (Whiskeytown Falls trailhead) to Aid Station 2 (“The Y” – Mile 10)

                    Don’t worry, you haven’t already gone 31 miles and suffered from delirium. You still have a long way to go, so instead of going up the road to the finish, you’ll start down the trail toward Whiskeytown Falls. After a nice ¼ mile descent on a smooth trail, the climbing begins! Watch for the fork, go to the right, and you’ll spend the next 1.5 miles rapidly climbing up to the high point of the course. The good news is you’re climbing to a spectacular view of Whiskeytown Falls. If you brought your camera phone, make sure you take a picture before turning around and plunging back down the hill toward the fork. At the bottom, take a sharp 180 degree right turn down to Crystal Creek. Plan to get your feet wet here as you cross the creek, then take the left fork on the other side. You’ll follow the ridgeline around the hill as you enjoy increasingly open views of the surrounding mountains. It’s all single-track for about 2 miles, then hang a sharp right up a small, steep embankment to the fire road. The fire road gently rolls for the next 1.5 miles before going up a bit to a fork in the road known only to the oldest, wisest trail runners in the area as “the Y,” which is where you’ll find your next refueling station.


    Aid Station 2 (“The Y”) to Aid Station 3 (Sheep Camp – Mile 15)

                     Go right to the top of the rise, then gently roll down the fire road for about a mile. You’ll see the entrance to Boulder Creek Falls just after the brand-new bridge. Follow the small trail for .1 miles to the falls and enjoy the view! Make your way back to the fire road (you don’t get to go back yet, that’s for the 25k runners), and veer right up the road. You’ll go briefly up before descending down for about ½ mile until it flattens out. You’ve now transitioned onto Papoose Trail, and more climbing. The bottom half of Papoose has some steep sections, but that’s what you signed up for, right!? It’s worth the climb as you ascend parallel to a beautiful stream under the canopy, cross a nice bridge, and eventually reach a popular spot for local runners, Papoose Pass. From there, hang a sharp left and continue up for a short time, then plunge down, down, and more down for about 2.5 miles. Later in the race, this will be your biggest climb of the second half of the race, so ponder that thoughtfully as you enjoy the descent to Sheep Camp, your next watering hole.

    Aid Station 3 (Sheep Camp) to Aid Station 4 (Sheep Camp – Mile 22)

                    Time to get to the fourth and final waterfall of the day! Leaving Sheep Camp, you go down to the creek before a short but steep ascent to a right turn at the intersection. About 1/2 mile after the intersection, you’ll head onto Rich Gulch for a pretty steep climb over the next 2 miles. You’ll cross a few creeks, enjoy the shade of the canopy, and maybe see a deer or two as you slowly ascend to the top before plunging down for about ¼ mile to Brandy Creek Falls Trail. Veer left and enjoy the sound of the falls for the next ¼ until you reach Brandy Creek Falls. Watch your step here as it gets wet on the trail in spots. Take in the last “signature” view of the day before turning around and heading back the way you came to Rich Gulch (make sure you go up and to the right at the fork in Brandy Creek trail onto Rich Gulch trail). It’s a nice, easy descent down the hill you just came up, then back to Sheep Camp you go!


    Aid Station 4 (Sheep Camp) to Aid Station 5 (“The Y” – Mile 27)

                    You’ve seen all the major waterfalls Whiskeytown has to offer, but you aren’t at the finish line yet. You have some work yet to do, but that’s why you’re out here, right? Time to head back up the last major climb of the day. It’s a 2.5-mile climb that begins fairly benign before really ramping it up at the end. Papoose takes your last reserves of energy, but gives them back with some of the best views of the surrounding territory near the top of the hill. Take in the sights before plunging down the back side of Papoose. Follow the flagging past Boulder Creek Falls (don’t worry, you don’t HAVE to go back down the side trail to the falls again, unless you want to), and make your way up to the aid station.


    Aid Station 5 (“The Y”) to Finish Line

                    The hard climbing is largely over, but don’t let that fool you! The last 5 or so miles are rolling and definitely a net uphill, if only slightly so. Head down the fire road for about 1.5 miles to the right turn off the fire road and onto the single track. Enjoy the ridge line for a couple miles until you once again reach Crystal Creek, which you crossed earlier. Make your way across the creek and go straight up the hill for the next ½ mile. Do not take the hard left to Whiskeytown Falls, unless you really want to go up the long hill to see it again. Instead, go straight to the road, where you’ll cross the parking lot and veer left up the paved road to the boy’s camp, where an ultramarathon finish awaits!

Course Map












GPSies - Whiskeytown Waterfalls 50k Course


Elevation Profile:

10k  Elevation Gain: 1,306ft  Elevation Loss: 1,306

25k  Elevation Gain: 2,713ft   Elevation Loss:  2,726ft 

50k Elevation Gain: 6,358ft   Elevation Loss: 6,539ft

Start and Finish Site:



Aid Station Info:
  • Mile 3.45 (Whiskeytown Falls Trailhead)
    • Open 9:15am – 11:45am
  • Mile 10, 12 (25k Course); Mile 10, 26 (50k Course) (The Y- where Boulder Creek Trail meets the Mill Creek Trail)
    • Open 10am – 4pm
  • Mile 16, 20 (50k Course) (Sheep Camp)
    • Open 11am – 3pm


Host Hotel- Sheraton Redding (email shastatrailruns@gmail.com for more details and group rates prior to booking!)

Sponsors- Partnerships


April 28
9:00 am - 5:30 pm
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Whiskeytown Falls Trail Head
Waterfalls Trail Head
Whiskeytown, CA 96033 United States
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