Experiences. While some are meant for you and you alone- this is not that time. Pre Carr Fire I was in the middle of creating Shasta Trail Runs Trail Guide. Given what has happened- while the trail guide will still be completed it is taking a bit of a shift for the time being.

I want YOUR experiences. Share with me YOUR pictures. YOUR favorite memories and stories of Whiskeytown and Swasey. I will be creating a Coffee Table Memory Book of Whiskeytown and Swasey from OUR Community (both from Redding or who just came to visit).

EMAIL me your pictures and favorite stories at shastatrailruns@gmail.com. Proceeds will go towards restoring the nature and beauty that is Whiskeytown and Swasey.

While we will have all these memories to hold onto bring smiles and laughter- know that we also enter a time where new and exciting memories WILL be made. And what better place to be than in the front row seat to see true beauty and restoration come as nature rebuilds itself.

Ryan Spitz
Owner- Shasta Trail Runs

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