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I enjoy volunteering at races almost as much as I enjoy running them.  If you’d like to volunteer at an STR event, email Mark.  You can earn free entries to future races also!

Our Races:

January 1, 2015:  Clikapudi Trail Runs – 5K, 10K, Half Marathon on the shore of Lake Shasta. Start the new year on the right (or left) foot! (always on New Year’s Day)

March 21-??, 2015: The 4MPH Challenge! – You have 90 minutes to complete a relatively easy and scenic 6 mile long route.  When you finish, wait until the 90 minutes are up and everyone goes out and does it again.  If you don’t finish in 90 minutes, you’re done!  Find out how far you are capable of going in this VERY SOCIAL event in which you’ll be tied for first place until you drop out!  (March 19, 2016)

May 2-3, 2015: The Me-OW! Marathons.   Inspired by the legendary Barkley Marathons, only easier.  How easy?  Easy enough that almost any long-distance runner can enjoy a level of suffering previously unavailable to the masses!   Click on the meow tab near the top of the page.  STR is helping launch this event, but it probably will be administered separately so as not to ruin our reputation:  There’s hard and there’s stupid hard.  ‘Nuf said?  (May 21, 2016)

May 30, 2015:  Moonshine 2M, 7M & 14M. Races start at 7:30 PM, you’ll need a flashlight for the 14M.  Start and finish on the beach! (June 18, 2016)

2015: The Sac River Trail Marathon (fast course!),  UltraMarathon and 15K Trail Race will not be held in 2015.  We’re moving it to the spring.  Next edition: April 2016!


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Bottom line:  STR exists to encourage people to “Get Out And Get Moving!”  We employ trail running events but whether you are walking, hiking, biking, paddling, or whatevering, just get out- into the great beautiful natural surroundings of the northstate, and get moving- fast, slow or in-between, as long as it’s under your own power!  You’ll be glad you did!

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Why we race: Part 1 of Infinity.

Ultimately, you aren’t racing against anyone else.
You are racing against, and for, yourself.

The time comes, in every race, when, if you are really giving it your all, you will want to quit.  You will want to be anywhere else, doing anything else.

It’s a strange sport, isn’t it?
We do it for “fun” and then spend much of the time wanting it to be over!
We are choosing, intentionally, to create and face that moment.

The moment of testing.
The moment most people desperately try to avoid.
The moment when we face our fears and doubts and…

If you avoid that moment, the fears and doubts don’t go away.
They just go underground.
They lurk quietly, or not so quietly, in our subconsciousness.
We can only move past them, beyond them, above them, by facing them.

What will you do in that moment?  What will I do?
Will we make excuses, settle for less, back down?
Or will we dig down and do that which we feared we could or would not?

Every race is a test.  Every race is an opportunity.
We can’t move past our current set of fears and doubts by avoiding them.
We have to face up to them.

True sports are opportunities to test, in the world of play, the true nature of our characters.
What we learn on the playing field, we can take with us when we return to “real” life.
Granted, every athlete doesn’t make the connection.
But every true athlete has earned the opportunity.

Your move.