Shasta Trail Runs: Get Out and Get Moving!

Our Races:

October 21, 2017 @ 8:30AM: Sac River Trail Marathon, 15K, 26.2M & 55K

New Year’s Day 2018 @10AM: Redding Resolution Run @ Clikapudi Trail.
5K, 10K, Half Marathon

March 24-?, 2018: 4MPH Challenge @ Whiskeytown National Recreation Area.

April 21, 2018: Whiskeytown Waterfalls Races (50K, 30K, 10K) @ Whiskeytown.

Friday June 29, 2018 (7:30 PM) : Moonshine Trail Races 3K, 8K, Half Marathon @ Brandy Creek Beach, Whiskeytown.  (held on the nearest Friday evening to the full moon)


“I love every event that Shasta Trail Runs puts on!” Abby C

Our Mission:

1. To promote trail running as a means to encourage north state residents of all ages to:
Get Out – Adventure awaits! Step outside your cocoons and away from the asphalt jungle and let Creation, in all of its north state glory, refresh and amaze you.
Get Moving – Use it or lose it! Action & Motion = Life, health and happiness.

2. To promote the north state, with its scenic wonders and world-class trail system,
as a trail running destination par excellence.


1. Events will include distances ranging from 2 Mile to Ultramarathons with levels of difficulty ranging from:
“Fun for the whole family” to
“You’ve got to be kidding!”

Whether you are looking for competition or community, we’ve got you covered!
Hikers, walkers, families, newbies & wannabe’s are encouraged to join us in the shorter distances.

2. Our scenic venues and our more gnarly “destination” events are designed to attract hard-core trail runners and ultramarathoners from all over the state, country and world.

Difficulty Ratings:

Based on feedback from participants we have rated our events on level of difficulty as compared to one another (so the Moonshine 3K is our easiest and the Waterfalls 50K is the hardest).  The first number is the average difficulty per mile and the second number is the total difficulty for the entire race (longer events are harder). Your perceptions will vary based on your level of training and other variables beyond our control:

Moonshine 3K: 1/1
Moonshine 5M: 5/4
Moonshine 14M: 9/7

Clikapudi 5K: 3/2
Clikapudi 10K: 6/5
Clikapudi Half Marathon: 7/6

Sac River 15K: 7/6
Sac River Marathon: 4/7
Sac River 55K: 5/9

Waterfalls 10K: 7/5
Waterfalls 30K: 8/9
Waterfalls 50K: 10/10

4MPH: 3/(varies by distance, 3-10)


Schools & non-profits: STR enthusiastically cooperates with all other local organizations that share similar goals. Let us know how we can partner with you!

STR aims to keep entry fees as low as possible to encourage maximum participation-

Businesses: If you affirm our mission and would like to sponsor STR, send us an email so we can explore creative ways of working together.

Everyone: You can help by volunteering (individually or as a group) at one of our events. It’s fun and you can earn free entries to future races. Send an email and we’ll talk. We need you!

Mark Swanson, director
email: Runalong (at) mac.com

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