(The RD visits the high point)

Next (and Last!) Me-Ow: May 14, 2016. 7AM.

The Me-Ow! Marathons (we put the cat in catatonic)screenshot_687

Loosely inspired by the legendary Barkley Marathons (which is in no way responsible for any of this), with influences from the Plain 100, adventure races, scavenger hunts, etc.

What this is:  We’ll give you a map and a description of where you will find your checkpoints (20 or so) and some hints about the best routes.  New twist this year:  You choose your own adventure: Your final results will be simply how many pages you bring back (from the books that mark the checkpoints) and your elapsed time.  If you want to do it in stages, you can return to camp Saturday night (on foot, no rides!) and your time in camp will not counted and you can go back out and finish on Sunday.  Or you can go straight through.  34 hour cut-off (Sunday 5PM) either way.

Some of your options:   Bushwhacking, power line roads, some regular old mapped and groomed single track, some old abandoned and overgrown trails and “roads”, four BIG waterfalls, two peaks with stunning views.  Most books are accessible by normal trails, we’ll let you know which ones (about 1/4 of them) require bushwhacking and possible poison oak exposure. We will provide you with anti-PO wipes and will have Technu at the campground just in case.  Long loose-fitting pants can be helpful also.

Keep out of reach of children.  For external use only. If condition worsens, discontinue use and consult a physician.  All rights reserved. Use at your own risk.

Me-Ow! is also a very social event.  We are camping together all weekend to share stories and beers and such, make new friends and enjoy the beauty of our lakeshore group campsite.  We encourage runners to run with a buddy, all the better to find your way and discover the best and fastest routes.

At participating locations only. Penalty for private use. Substantial penalty for early withdrawal. Avoid contact with skin.

New for 2016:  There will be no charge for the Me-Ow! Marathons which will now be a non-competitive fun run.  Anyone who is camping with us that weekend is eligible to enter.  You can go out and look for a few books on nice trails or you can try to collect them all!  You make your own rules and report your results when you get back.

Camping: Dry Creek Group Camp is one of the most beautiful campsites you’ll ever see.  Camping fee = $49 for one to three nights (Friday, Saturday, Sunday).  All proceeds will be donated to the Friends of Whiskeytown for trail improvements at Whiskeytown Park.  And don’t forget your bribe! – Bring the RD one bottle of micro-brew (22oz) (or a Starbucks gift card if you have scruples about beer). . If you have some firewood, bring a bundle to share.

Registration is limited to the first 50 who sign up! Procrastinate if you are looking for a way to get out of this while pretending you really want to do it.

Yes, this will be the Last Me-Ow!  The Park Service has informed us that in the future they don’t want us sending runners off-trail at Whiskeytown (which is part of what makes Me-Ow! purr) and I don’t have enough time to scout a new course somewhere else and several Me-Ow! alumni have begun similar (maybe even better) events.  Check these out:

Euchre Bar
Bone Tempest
Baldy Marathons
lawetlatla foot thing
(note: some of these are private or secret groups, if you want more info you might just have to leave a comment on the Me-Ow! FB page and hope that one of the RDs contacts you).  All are on the west coast.

Sanitized for your protection. Sign here without admitting guilt. Beware of cat. You must be present to win.


Rules:  Give us time, we’ll come up with something.

Need more info?  click here for FAQ

Final Caveat- Essential Reading!

Plan carefully for your nutritional  and safety needs while out on the course. Be sure you have a good light and plenty of batteries,  If you decide to drop out, you may have to walk many miles back to the start or even to any place where you might hope to get lucky enough to get a ride back.




This guy is panning for gold on the 2013 course.

MeOw Cheerleader (Leopard Lily)


You get triple credit for the book on top of Shasta Bally!
You can see the starting area (beach) 5000′ below.

Mrs MeOw helps scout out the course.

There are four major waterfalls in the park, how many do you want to visit?

Near one of the checkpoints.


CIMG8203 CIMG8212
Your shoes might get wet.



6 thoughts on “meow

  1. 1. I’m here to request a discount code for your amazingly disastourous race. 2. Getting out of bed the next morning after my 1st ironman. 3. Rescuing children from a burning house, being a dad, find I g my mind after losing it, possibly. 4. 0. Used to own one but he gave me cat scratch fever! Don’t worry he found a new home to terrorize. 5. I love cats. 6. I love cats. 7. Man’s medium if they make them. 8. Sandwich bag. Because I hope to go out in flames. 9. I have cat scratch fever or my momma told me to do this! 10. If she told me to do this race I would but I would check her meds to see if she had taken them correctly!

  2. 1. why are you here?
    I am nut. I need to sign up for a hard race to motivate me to start training again

    2. what’s the hardest physical challenge you’ve ever met and why?
    my first 50K. San Gabriel Mountains on the AC 100 course. three trips around mount Wilson.. I was under train and over cockey..Why because I wanted to go farther.

    3. other notable achievements? (pick 3 that are true and interesting. keep it very short, you can tell me the gory details later) Opening Grilla Bites ( a true ultra), Whiskey Town 50k, and Shasta Damn marathon 2008 after only training for 4 weeks

    4. how many cats do you own and why?
    0.. My daughter is allergic

    5. true confession:
    I once ran a 3:07 Marathon and qualified for Boston

    6. false confession:
    Some day again I will Qualify for Boston

    7. t-shirt size:

    8. body-bag size:
    6′. I like a little wiggle room

    9. suggest a slogan or motto or tag-line for us to put on the t-shirts:
    “Next year I’ll go farther”

    10. what would you do if your mother asked you?
    Almost anything except out on sunscreen..

  3. I just signed up. I had so much fun at the Shasta 4mph challenge that I just couldn’t resist coming back to Whiskeytown for more punishment.

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