Moonshine Trail Races

Result links for the 2017 event.  It was our windiest event ever and the runners really ran “like the wind”, shattering many course records.   14 Mile, 5 Mile, 3K

Plan now to join us next year:  Friday June 29, 2018 (full moon)

Whiskeytown + Brandy Creek + Full Moon = Moonshine Trail Races!

Start and Finish at Brandy Creek Beach.

2017: Same courses as last year (all still start and finish at the beach): 3K (1.8M – great for youth and beginning runners), 5M & 14M. The 3K & 5M are uphill for the first half and downhill for the second half.  The 3K is gentle, the 5M is steep in places with approximately 900′ of elevation gain in the first half, then downhill back to the beach.  The 14 goes up (way up!) for 4 miles, down for 3, up again for 2 and down for the last 5 miles.

There is one water station for the 5M course (halfway, at the high point) and two water stations for the 14M (miles 2.5 &11.25) and two aid stations (3 & 7).

Cut-off times* for the 3K and 5M are 9:10 (100 minutes, that’s when it gets dark!), 11:30 (4 hours) for the 14M (you must bring a light).

*Intermediary cut-off times will be enforced for the 14M race as follows:
Sheep Camp Aid Station (first pass, 3 miles): 8:30 PM
Sheep Camp Aid Station (2nd pass, 7 miles): 9:30 PM
Water Station (2nd pass, 11.3 miles): 10:30 PM


Map of 5 Mile and 14 Mile Courses:sc000025ca

Come celebrate the full moon and the beginning of summer.  Friends and family can hang out on the beach as they wait for you to finish.

The last 1/4 mile for all three courses is still on the beach and all still finish in the lake (you have to get your feet wet to finish).

The 3K course goes up (south) the paved trail for 1/2 mile, then up Shasta Bally Road (dirt) for another 1/4 mile, then cuts over to the Brandy Creek Trail and back to the beach and the finish.  The first half is slightly uphill (not steep).

The 5 mile course goes up the Brandy Creek trail for the first half, makes a small loop at the top and returns back down the Brandy Creek trail.  First half climbs 900′, second half goes down the same amount.

The 14 Mile course (aka: an Ultra-Half-Marathon!) goes up the Brandy Creek trail with the 5 milers, then over to Sheep Camp and up the very steep Shasta Bally Road for one mile before cutting over to the Papoose Pass trail for a nice steady 2.5 mile descent back to Sheep Camp (with great views of the moon!).  Then up the Brandy Creek Falls trail to the Rich Gulch trail, another nice steady 2 mile descent back to the road and then returning the same way you started (following the same route as the 5M runners to the finish). Water stations at approximately miles 2.5, 3, 7 & 11.  Carry a dependable LED flashlight or the last couple miles will be really slow!  Start in the light, finish at night!  A great opportunity to sample night running!  (Must finish before Midnight!)


The 5mile course elevation goes uphill to 2000′ (mile 2.5 on the chart) then back down from there (the last 2.5 miles on the chart).

Refund and Deferral Policy: If you cannot make it, you may email us up to 10 days prior to the race and request a deferral of your registration fees to any other STR race in the following 13 months.  9 days or less prior to the race you can receive 50% credit toward a future race.  No refunds.

Performance t-shirts (similar to those pictured) are $10.


Moonshine is The Hap-Hap-Happiest Race of the Year!


“My second trail run with you or ever. I thought it was great. Happy to continue to challenge myself on your runs. Thanks to you and all the volunteers!!” Suzanne Wilson


“This is the first trail race I have ever done. Thanks for making it such a great experience! I ran the 15k which is further than I usually race but it was fantastic. The course was challenging and amazingly beautiful. It was awesome to get to finish by running into the lake. I can’t wait to use my coasters! Thanks so much! I hope to participate in future events!”   Helen Mino


“I had a really great time last night. Thank you Mark for organizing this and thanks to all the volunteers for being encouraging and super nice. 🙂 “ Abby Clester


“Once again, Mark has created a great event.”  Matt Moseley


“Yes, great race. Thank you. Those hills were just how I remembered them from last year. WOW!”  Jill Frizzell


 “I loved those hills!! They keep you honest! Thanks so much Mark Swanson for a wonderful experience and opportunity to meet amazing people doing what I love!” David Petersen


“Shasta trail runs always puts on great races:) I thought the 3.5 was well marked, and the volunteers were great too!!”  Jennifer Ward


“You could lay my gps route right over your course map. Perfect match. Well done and than you.”  Terry Grafe


“Awesome race as always Mark!  thanks again for putting on a top notch trail run!” Stephanie Ksenzulak French


“So glad you are putting these raises on. The night one is our favorite!” Rindy Williams



“Great fun. Will definitely be back for next year.” Jerry Kraemer


“It was a great course and a fun night Thanks Mark!”  Beverley Anderson-Abbs


“I had a great time and I had 4 cousins that ran also.  We are all doing next year! Thanks again.”  Elva Grace


The finish line is the lake!



Moonshine is generally held in June on the Friday closest to the full moon.

Tentative Schedule:
2017: Friday 6/9
2018: Friday 6/29
2019: Friday 6/14 or 21
2020: Friday 6/5

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  1. I’d love to do this, I’ve lived in Redding coming up on two years and I’ve been looking forward to do some trail running/racing!

  2. Wow, that’s all I can say, WOW! These races are always tough and I usually find myself on the course wondering what I was thinking (I am a pretty slow runner and am always bringing up the rear), but by the end, there’s a grin on my face and I feel tough as nails. The volunteers are friendly, helpful and generally awesome and the race director seems to make a point to talk to everyone who finishes. Great people you all are and wild and scenic runs you put together. Woo Hoo!

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