Whiskeytown Waterfalls Races

April 22, 2017 (Earth Day!) @ Whiskeytown National Recreation Area
(Held in conjunction with National Parks Week & Whiskeytown Waterfalls Week)

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Pricing:  (Before April 1 / April 1-19 / Race Day)
Four Falls Fifty K (9:00 AM) ($50/70/90)
Three Falls Thirty K (10:00 AM) ($30/45/60)
One Falls Ten K (11:00 AM) ($20/25/30)

The cut-off time for all races is 6:00 PM.

2016 Results!  Click on your distance:  50K  30K  5K+

Click here for some Pictures.  More on our FB page.  More to come!

New for 2017:  The One Falls 10K (Boulder Creek Falls) replaces the “No Falls” 5K, and the 30K and 50K will go in the opposite direction as last year.  Since some runners felt like the entire loop course was uphill in 2016, this obviously means you will be going downhill the whole way in 2017!


Four Falls will visit all four of Whiskeytown’s major waterfalls.

IMG_0236Boulder Creek Falls (lower half)

IMG_2218Whiskeytown Falls (lower third)

IMG_2263Crystal Creek Falls (lower half)

Brandy Creek Falls (lower half)
(all of the falls have multiple tiers that do not all show up in any one photo)

Three Falls will visit all except Brandy Creek Falls, thus reducing the distance by 12 miles.  The first half is mostly uphill, the second half is mostly downhill.

There will be fully stocked aid stations at Sheep Camp (50K only, miles 20 & 24), the “Y” (where the Boulder Creek trail meets the Mill Creek trail) (mile 14), and Crystal Creek Campground (Miles 6 & 8).

Your bib number will be recorded at each of the waterfalls.  If you want a picture of yourself at each waterfall, please carry a camera or cell phone with camera and ask the volunteers at each waterfall to take your picture with your camera.  We encourage you to do so!

The average historical temperature for this date for Whiskeytown is a high of 72º and a low of 47º with an average of 1/8″ of rain.  Your Weather May Vary.

Registration for 2017 will open in October 2016.

T-shirts may be purchased for $10 (below cost) when you sign up online or at the race (or packet pickup). T-shirts for 2017 will be the same style and color as 2016:


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Course Map and Description

(blue = 30K, blue + red = 50K)

The 30K course is marked with black ink.  The 50K course includes all of the 30K course plus the out-and-back to Brandy Creek Falls, shown in red.  Aid Stations are circled in red.  On both courses the section to the left (west) of the Mill Creek Trail is a T-shaped out and back, you will go to Whiskeytown Falls first and Crystal Creek Falls second before returning back toward Mill Creek).

On race day the courses (and especially all junctions) will be clearly marked and, where needed, signed.

Last year’s elevation profile, please note that this year we will be going in the reverse order.
(estimated total elevation gains: 10K = 1000′, 30K = 3000′, 50K = 6000′)WaterfallsElev


All races start at the picnic area by the Carr Powerhouse.  The 30K and 50K go west on the paved road for 1/4 mile to the Clear Creek Vista Trail, then up the Mill Creek Trail, over to the aid station at the Crystal Creek Campground via the (signed but not on the map) Crystal Creek Trail, then to Crystal Creek Falls, back to Crystal Creek Campground, over to Whiskeytown Falls, then to the Y aid station via the Crystal Creek Trail and the upper portion of the Mill Creek Trail.  Down 1 mile to Boulder Creek Falls and another 0.7 miles to the Papoose Trail Junction.  There the 50K runners go east (right) on the Papoose Trail while 30K runners continue south (left) on the Boulder Creek Trail to the power line road and back to the start/finish.

50K runners follow the Papoose Trail for 4.5 miles (first half uphill, second half downhill) to the aid station at Sheep Camp (mile 8).  From Sheep Camp they follow the Brandy Creek Falls uphill to the Falls.  The return to Sheep Camp goes via the Rich Gulch trail (downhill after the first 1/4 mile) and back to Sheep Camp (mile 13.5).  Then steeply up Shasta Bally Road for 1 mile, right to Papoose Pass and downhill for 2.5 miles back to the Boulder Creek trail where you head north and rejoin the 30K course to the finish (3 1/3 miles).

The 10K goes 2+ miles steeply up Mill Creek Road to the Y, then down 1 mile to Boulder Creek Falls and then back the same way.

Crystal Creek near Whiskeytown Falls – there’s a shallow 8′ wide place to wade across if you prefer.

Crystal Creek crossing by aid station (there will be a rope and helper), The creek is here is about 24″ deep at its deepest point as of April 12.

Camping is available at Oak Bottom Marina, a 10 minute drive away from the start.  The nearest motels are in Redding, allow approximately 30 minutes driving time from Redding to the starting area at Carr Powerhouse, Whiskeytown.

That’s me in the middle of the next pic, I’m halfway down the last BIG hill on the 30K/50K course. The low spot behind me is the finish area. 1505996_763551160339867_927509929_n



LBoCF2 tn_BoulderCreekFallsCA4 tn_BoulderCreekFallsCA7





IMG_2261 IMG_2254 IMG_2205


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Abby Clester: “I did my first official 50k! This course was crazy tough but fun. Pushed my mental and physical capabilities. I got to see all 4 waterfalls in one day. There was so much beauty to behold.”